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Addicted to Food (Eating When You’re Not Hungry)

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My hubby and I just returned from a week of family and friends.  You know what that means-food!  Of course,  we returned home to an empty refrigerator which equates to eating out.  After we finished our meal, my husband looked across the table at me to confess, “You’re going to hate me for telling you this.  I wasn’t really hungry.”  Truthfully, neither was I.

Why do we do that? Why on earth do we eat if we’re not really hungry?  Most of our eating has become a habit rather than a necessity.  There are times that I have caught myself hanging on to the flavor in spite of the fact that I was full.   Hence, just one more bite.

Across the table, we made a pledge to eat a small and light for dinner.  That sounded good to me.

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