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Coffee and the Adrenaline Rush

coffee with cream
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I love coffee. Every morning before starting my day, I make myself several cups of coffee and dress it up with half and half and sweetener. In the evening, I repeat it with my husband. It’s a ritual. However, I’m concerned over my sweet tooth, so I’m looking for ways to control my craving. I know coffee is part of the problem.

Research shows that there’s a connection between coffee and hypoglycemia. Coffee causes the body to suddenly release adrenalin, hence the morning “pick me up”. Sugar and refined carbohydrates also cause the body to respond in the same manner. Rather than the body reacting naturally to its own adrenalin, it’s given an unnatural dose by the stimulants. Over time, the body becomes used to these foods and only requires more to feel normal. What many people don’t realize is there is a direct correlation between hypoglycemia and diabetes and heart disease.

Going cold turkey is a little much which is why I’ve decided to eliminate my morning coffee time to start. Instead, I have a few glasses of water before I start the day. In just a few days, I’ve begun to notice that my sweet craving has begun to wain. I still have coffee in the evening with my husband, but even that seems to be losing its appeal. I’m convinced the less dependent I am on coffee, sugar, and refined carbohydrates, the more control I have of my health.

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