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Whole Food Shopping

On our way home from our vacation in western New York, we stayed at our usual campsite in  beautiful Flat Hills, West Virginia.  Across the highway was an Amish whole foods market.  If you’ve never heard the term whole foods and wonder what it means, it’s simply foods that are unprocessed and, or unrefined, but not necessarily organic according to Wikipedia.

My first impression upon entering the market was I had walked into someone’s  pantry.  There were jars and packages of generically labeled foods lining the shelves.  I wanted to grab a cart and run down the aisles filling my basket before the buzzer went off.  Sadly, this wasn’t a game show. Thankfully,  I managed to keep my wits and limit myself to a few choice things like butter, steel cut oats, and some homemade jams and jellies for friends. 

My real prize was the steel cut oats.  The packages were huge and  only a fraction of the cost health food stores and supermarkets charge.  If you’ve never heard of or had steel cut oats, you’re missing a treat.  It has a much better flavor than regular oatmeal.  Steel cut oats have a nutty flavor and a crunchy texture (which satisfies my need to chew).  It also keeps me from getting hungry throughout the morning.  If you’d like to learn more about steel cut oats, FormerFat Guy can tell you a lot.