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I wouldn’t be true to myself (or my profession as an English teacher) if I failed to share my love for reading.  People who do not develop an interest in reading are missing out on so much.  I believe as we grow older it is all the more important to read as it keeps our critical thinking skills strong.  Through the experiences of others, we can travel through time and around the world.  Reading takes us beyond our experiences and brings wonder to our door.

By sharing what I read, I hope to encourage you to pick up a book and create your own adventure.

Tom Rivers is a newspaper journalist from a small rural city in western New York.  Rather than write about an issue that was a political hot topic, he took it upon himself to experience it.  That topic was, and still is, migrant workers. They are a vital resource for our nation’s farms.  Rivers’ question was why migrant workers, why not local help?

When my cousin told me about this book, I knew I had to read it for several reasons.  It was something I could connect with because I was raised in the general area.  I remember the migrants working the muck fields picking cabbage and onions.   As a teacher, I empathize with children of migrant workers who endure the stress of constantly changing schools. Catching up with their grade level is virtually impossible, not to mention the instability and inability to establish friendships.  I was curious to find out what Rivers discovered.

Each of the eighteen chapters of Farm Hands represents Rivers’ experience as he hires on to various types of farms.   An aching back, hurting feet, and cramping hands didn’t deter Mr. Rivers from experiencing the grueling work and physical demands migrant workers face daily.

By the end of his book, you can’t help but appreciate what it takes to bring food to our tables.  All because of the immigrant farm worker.

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