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An Overweight Body is a Sign

Frozen in Time
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Stress is everywhere.   The television show Hoarders is a perfect example of how stressful clutter and the accumulation of “stuff” depletes our energy.  When we don’t know where to start, we become overwhelmed; there is nothing left to do but shutdown.  Too many choices and too many obligations cause us to run amok.

The inner man is revealed through outward behaviors.  A stressful life can lead to poor diet.  We’re too busy and too tired to plan and cook a decent meal after working all day.  It’s just too convenient to stop and pick up fast food.  Sadder, yet- it’s cheaper than buying live, nutritious foods.

Eating well should be a priority; but, when there are too many distractions, we lose focus of the essentials.  An overweight body is a sign of an unbalanced life style.

What is causing your stress?
What are your consumption habits?

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