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Too Much Pampering

Pampered Chef goodies
Image by Carissa Marie via Flickr

What to order, what to order?  It’s been ages since I’ve been to a Pampered Chef party.  Before I left, I had no intentions of buying a thing.  I have everything I need, or so, I thought.   Then, there’s the catalog.

The neatest thing I bought was this garlic peeler.   It’s just a flexible tube that you stick your garlic in, roll it back and forth a few times, and voila!  Garlic is free of skin.

Well, that’s not exactly what I was going to tell you about.   Ask me about the food we had.  Carbs.   Nothing, but carbs.  Empty calories.

Taco pizza, cinnamon bread, garlic bread, pineapple tarts, and ice cream for dessert.  See what I mean?  And, you know what else?  I ate it.

Yes.  I’m supposed to be in control of every eating situation, and I was… up until 3:00 pm.

Tomorrow is another day (sigh).

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