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Making My First Grape Juice

My husband came home with a Baggie full of Scuppernong grapes given to him by a friend.  If you’re not familiar with Scuppernongs, they are purple or green and remind me of eye-balls with tough skins.  I don’t like the way they feel in my mouth after I’ve discarded the skins, and they don’t have the same consistency as green or purple grapes you buy in the store.

I dug a few magazines out and flipped through to see if there were any recipes that looked appealing.  I found one for grape pizza (if you can imagine that).  Then I remembered that my mother used to make her own grape juice.  In no time, I was on my way to turning these suckers into wine (yes, grape juice can be referred to as wine).  

When I was younger, my mother used this cone like metal strainer with a wooden pestle to push the grapes through.  I certainly didn’t have one of those on hand.  I thought I was at a stand still until I read that a juicer would work just as well.   Time for a Champion (juicer, that is).

It worked better than I expected and took only a few minutes.

They yielded about 4 cups of juice.  Clean up was a cinch.

In order for the sediment to settle, the juice requires overnight refrigeration.  I’ll finish it tomorrow and let you know how it turned out.

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