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Looking for Something Sweet, Something Crunchy? Try This!

Sometimes I just forget about snacks I used to eat.  One of them is celery and peanut butter, except I use Almond Butter instead.  When I first started using Almond Butter,  it couldn’t be found outside of a health food store.  Paying $12 a jar was a little beyond my budget.  Finally, I found a supermarket that carried it for a few dollars less.  Needless to say, I ate it sparingly.

About a year ago, WalMart started selling it for a little over $5 a jar.  I was so afraid I wouldn’t find it at that price again, I took all 6 they had on the shelf.  Thank goodness, they continued to carry it.  I see that Amazon has the MaraNatha brand for $10.99!

Here’s a shot of the nutritional label so you can see it for yourself.  Don’t let the fat content care you, it’s Omega-3,  and there’s only 3 grams of sugar.  It’s a great snack for in between meals, and like other peanut butter, it comes in creamy or crunchy.


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