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Daily Weigh-In Gives More Control

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Over the years, I’ve come across varying opinions as to how often a person should weigh themselves.  Some say weigh everyday, others say once a week, and yet others suggest longer intervals.  I used to go with the weekly weigh-in, but I have to say the daily weigh-in makes more sense.  Granted, there’s a tendency to carry water weight depending on what type of foods were eaten, but that makes it even easier to have control.  If I gain a pound over a couple of days and remember that I indulged a bit too much in a particular food, then I know which foods are affecting me.  Since I tend not to write everything down that I eat, weighing in on a weekly basis would be a losing battle for me.

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Too Much Pampering

Pampered Chef goodies
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What to order, what to order?  It’s been ages since I’ve been to a Pampered Chef party.  Before I left, I had no intentions of buying a thing.  I have everything I need, or so, I thought.   Then, there’s the catalog.

The neatest thing I bought was this garlic peeler.   It’s just a flexible tube that you stick your garlic in, roll it back and forth a few times, and voila!  Garlic is free of skin.

Well, that’s not exactly what I was going to tell you about.   Ask me about the food we had.  Carbs.   Nothing, but carbs.  Empty calories.

Taco pizza, cinnamon bread, garlic bread, pineapple tarts, and ice cream for dessert.  See what I mean?  And, you know what else?  I ate it.

Yes.  I’m supposed to be in control of every eating situation, and I was… up until 3:00 pm.

Tomorrow is another day (sigh).

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Update to Grape Juice Process

I’m sad to report that I had to eliminate one step in the grape juice process.  My plan to filter the juice didn’t work out.  I couldn’t find any cheesecloth to strain the sediment off .  Besides, it was such a small amount.  I didn’t think it was worth my time and effort to go from store to store.  Leaving the sediment in isn’t harmful.  The juice is a bit thick with a cloudy look and certainly doesn’t detract from the flavor.

I added about 1/4 cup to this morning’s protein drink

Making My First Grape Juice

My husband came home with a Baggie full of Scuppernong grapes given to him by a friend.  If you’re not familiar with Scuppernongs, they are purple or green and remind me of eye-balls with tough skins.  I don’t like the way they feel in my mouth after I’ve discarded the skins, and they don’t have the same consistency as green or purple grapes you buy in the store.

I dug a few magazines out and flipped through to see if there were any recipes that looked appealing.  I found one for grape pizza (if you can imagine that).  Then I remembered that my mother used to make her own grape juice.  In no time, I was on my way to turning these suckers into wine (yes, grape juice can be referred to as wine).  

When I was younger, my mother used this cone like metal strainer with a wooden pestle to push the grapes through.  I certainly didn’t have one of those on hand.  I thought I was at a stand still until I read that a juicer would work just as well.   Time for a Champion (juicer, that is).

It worked better than I expected and took only a few minutes.

They yielded about 4 cups of juice.  Clean up was a cinch.

In order for the sediment to settle, the juice requires overnight refrigeration.  I’ll finish it tomorrow and let you know how it turned out.

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Let Everything That Has Breath

If you tend not to be an early riser,  you’re missing out on the best time of the day.   As I grow older, I do my best to be grateful for all my senses; but especially my hearing: every leaf that rustles in the wind, every bird that chirps and sings is a gift from God.   A new day, a new dawn, a new beginning.  Morning is for creation.

Let everything that has breath…praise the Lord!

Looking for Something Sweet, Something Crunchy? Try This!

Sometimes I just forget about snacks I used to eat.  One of them is celery and peanut butter, except I use Almond Butter instead.  When I first started using Almond Butter,  it couldn’t be found outside of a health food store.  Paying $12 a jar was a little beyond my budget.  Finally, I found a supermarket that carried it for a few dollars less.  Needless to say, I ate it sparingly.

About a year ago, WalMart started selling it for a little over $5 a jar.  I was so afraid I wouldn’t find it at that price again, I took all 6 they had on the shelf.  Thank goodness, they continued to carry it.  I see that Amazon has the MaraNatha brand for $10.99!

Here’s a shot of the nutritional label so you can see it for yourself.  Don’t let the fat content care you, it’s Omega-3,  and there’s only 3 grams of sugar.  It’s a great snack for in between meals, and like other peanut butter, it comes in creamy or crunchy.

My Friend is a Loser (and why it makes me smile to think about it)

Do you think you could cover for me?  I’m not sure how long I’ll be gone.  It could be anywhere from 2 weeks, 2 months, or until the end of the semester.

“What on earth?”  I couldn’t imagine what was going on.  There was only one thing that crossed my mind: his health.

I first met Mr. A last school year when I had the opportunity to work with him at school.  He’s a fairly  young man, probably in his early 30’s, but is extreeemely obese.  I worried about his raspy breathing, his aching back, and his knees.

Finally, we connected.  I was waiting to hear the worse.  When he told me that he was selected to be a contestant for the television show The Biggest Loser, all I could say was “No Way!”  I was speechless.   More than anything, I want Mr. A to be successful.  He and his wife have a beautiful one year old daughter.  He needs to see her grow up.

It’s been almost two weeks since Mr. A shared his wonderful news.  My smile is settling deep inside, but when I think about Mr. A’s wonderful opportunity, it springs into action and widens across my face.

Emotions are tricky things.  They are contagious.  They last far beyond the initial event or circumstance.  Over time, emotions gently settle like dust deep inside our souls.  We must be careful to sift out the chaff of bitterness and cling to those that bring joy and happiness.

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