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Yesterday was our twin’s birthday.  One received a Nook, e-book reader from her husband.  As a lover of books, I wondered how she would take to having technology hijack her fingertips from the organic feel of real paper.  This was dangerous territory!

Rather than allow our emotions to carry us away, we tried to take the objective road: the pro’s and con’s of books versus Nook.

Lisa – “It would come in handy when I travel.  You know how heavy it gets to carry your books with you.”

Me- “Yeah, but I’d hate to repurchase books for this when I know I already have them at home.”

Lori -“I don’t know.  I just love my books.”

Me- “Me, too.  I do like the way you can enlarge the font to make reading easier.”

Lisa- “I wouldn’t have to carry my Bible with me when we travel.  I could just read from there.”

We all agreed that it would depend on the situation.

The e-readers are convenient, there’s no argument there.  The size of the Nook makes it easy to fit comfortably just about anywhere.  The downloads are inexpensive as opposed to hard copy editions.  It comes with its own dictionary, highlighter, and even book marks pages where you left off.  In fact, you can play a game in between chapters.   When compared with Kindle, it’s a no brainer.  Kindle’s downloads are restricted to Amazon, whereas Nook can be downloaded from numerous sources. What’s more, if you happen to be in Barnes and Noble with your Nook, you can read any book from the store for free.  It seems the proverbial “they” have covered just about every argument one might have not to get one.

Even after all of this, there was still this feeling we were contributing to the demise of public libraries.  I wonder how Guy Montag would have handled this?

My Thought
Beyond the book vs. e-reader, it saddens me to hear people make statements that they just don’t have the time to read.  So much is missed. Reading allows us to extend our thought, to broaden our knowledge, to see beyond our moment in time.  It gives a spark to liven conversation and get people interested in something other than the mundane.  Reading creates communities of friends.  More importantly, it brings people together (even families).

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