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Brown Rice Salad

My Aussie friend, Sam  just put up a new foodie blog.  I told her I would give her dishes “”a go” and report back.  Here’s my picture coupled with her recipe.

Brown Rice Salad


1 Cup Brown Rice

2 Chicken Stock Cubes

100 g  Walnuts (Crushed)

420 g Can Corn Kernels

432 g Can Crushed Pineapple

250 g Can Diced Capsicum (peppers)

30 ml Soy Sauce

30 ml White Vinegar

30 ml Lemon Juice


Place rice in pot and cover with salted water. Soak for 2 hours. Drain the rice and rinse with cold water.  Add 325 ml of water to the rice. Crush stock cubes into the pot. Place over heat and bring to the boil. Lower heat and simmer until the rice has absorbed all the water. Stir rice occasionally with a fork while it is cooking.

Put the rice a large mixing bowl.  Drain the  capsicum, corn kernels and pineapple and add to the bowl with the crushed walnuts. Combine well with rice.

In a small bowl combine Soy Sauce, White Vinegar and Lemon Juice. Pour this dressing over the rice salad and mix thoroughly.

My Results ******

Now, I have to admit that I had to google capsicum.  Then, I wasn’t exactly sure which type of pepper was best to use.  Normally, I like using finely chopped jalapenos to give just enough bite.  My husband opted for a different type of pepper which was hot, but didn’t have the flavor I wanted.  As for measurement conversion, I just looked on the ingredients cans which clearly stated both metric and our standard measurement.  I also forgot to soak the rice in salt water, probably because that’s not normally something I would do.  I also added some orange bell pepper for color and omitted the walnuts.  I’m going to have to play around a bit with the dressing in order to get it exactly as I want it.  Overall, it was a tasty side dish for my skewered scallops and shrimp done on the “bar-b”.

Thanks, Sam!


Yoga at Any Age, Any Weight

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Whenever I suggest that my friends try Yoga as a means to feel better, immediately I either receive negative or skeptical reactions.  “I can’t get my body into those poses” is one of the favorites.  My husband simply refuses to consider anything so “girly”.   If he only knew how much better he would feel.

Yoga is really about learning how to control your breathing and it builds on learned poses.  You’ll be amazed how much you can feel the results after each session.  You do only what you are capable of, never pushing beyond your body’s current ability.  In fact, an hour of Yoga seems like just a few minutes.

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The Holidays are Winning!

June 30

I’m a bit late in posting a picture of myself along with an updated weigh in.  It’s been crazy, not to mention that I have to go to my son’s house 3o minutes away in order to get on the scale.

No Change June 29

It’s the Singer, Not the Song

The sun is beginning to set as our little town “Idol” is wrapping up.  A dozen or so entertained us with some karaoke.  I wasn’t expecting much as far as the talent goes.  With the dozen or so that sang, there came quite a variety.  There were children singing songs from Silent Night to Johnny B. Goode.  There were a couple of eye rolling songs with the usual snickers.  “These Boots Were Made For Walking” should have kept right on going.  Another woman made an effort at a Patsy Cline song, but it made me ache on her behalf.  Overall, I just gave these people a lot of credit for getting up in public in the first place.

You never knew what you were going to hear once the music started up.  It wasn’t until one woman knocked out , “When a Man Loves a Woman”  that I thought maybe all wasn’t lost.  By the time the night had ended, there was no doubt that I was coming back for Sunday night’s final.

Mother and daughter singing Stevie Nicks' Landslide