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It’s the Singer, Not the Song

The sun is beginning to set as our little town “Idol” is wrapping up.  A dozen or so entertained us with some karaoke.  I wasn’t expecting much as far as the talent goes.  With the dozen or so that sang, there came quite a variety.  There were children singing songs from Silent Night to Johnny B. Goode.  There were a couple of eye rolling songs with the usual snickers.  “These Boots Were Made For Walking” should have kept right on going.  Another woman made an effort at a Patsy Cline song, but it made me ache on her behalf.  Overall, I just gave these people a lot of credit for getting up in public in the first place.

You never knew what you were going to hear once the music started up.  It wasn’t until one woman knocked out , “When a Man Loves a Woman”  that I thought maybe all wasn’t lost.  By the time the night had ended, there was no doubt that I was coming back for Sunday night’s final.

Mother and daughter singing Stevie Nicks' Landslide