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Monday Update

September 15 is my target date to lose 15 lbs.  I intended to begin on June 15, but I decided to wait until I got my cast off instead.  Otherwise, I wouldn’t be sure what my true weight would be.  I also wanted to be more mobile.  So far, my weight has only fluctuated a pound or so.  Last weekend held me up a bit.  Saturdays are my hubby’s breakfast days, he enjoys going to the local buffet.  I don’t deprive myself of anything, I just eat smaller portions.  I mean, how can I not have biscuits and sausage gravy?  I probably wouldn’t have gained anything, except we grilled hotdogs for dinner.  I knew that would tip the scales a bit. This won’t happen again.

When I decided to take on the challenge of losing weight,  I wanted to eat in a way that would be more natural for me.  I didn’t want a diet or a plan that would be restrictive, but would cause me to be aware of my own eating habits.   Since I’ve started, I’ve noticed that I don’t snack as much as before. This limits my eating only when I’m hungry.  I’m also increasing my water intake each day as well.  I also dragged out my old Champion juicer and began juicing, again.

Although I’ve only lost a few pounds, I can tell I’m losing inches.  My morning yoga and controlled eating throughout the day is beginning to pay off.


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