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Look to Others for Your Happiness

When was the last time you did something for someone else just because?  I don’t mean doing things for people within your immediate boundaries like family and close friends, that’s too easy.

Give sacrificially. How about people who least expect something from you?  People who have no way of paying you back? Those who I gave my sugar free fig jam to were people I see at church each week.  Beyond that, we don’t really interact.

Do something that causes you to stretch.  It had been over 20 years since I had done any canning.  I didn’t have any of the canning materials and the recipes were confusing.

Fig and Strawberry Jam (sugar free)

Although I had canned in the past, I had never made jam.   There was no way for me to know in advance whether any of these people liked figs or not.  Each person who I handed a jar of jam remarked how much they loved figs and couldn’t wait to try.   Being able to give freely brought me happiness.  It made want to do more.

Give yourself away.  You see, happiness is a paradox.  People spend so much of their lives trying to find happiness by means of self-gratification that happiness actually eludes them.  The true path to happiness is through others.  I had the resources and the ability to do something and share it with others.  The whole process cost me time and money, but the end product was priceless.

Now, go find someone.


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