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The Fig’s Up

Brown Turkey fig split in half.
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As a child, my mother used to serve figs that came in a jar for breakfast.  Visually, they were none too appealing which is probably the reason I never ate one until I moved south.

When my husband and I bought a home with a fig tree in the back yard, only then did I get up enough courage to pick one from the tree and pop it in my mouth.  When I did..OH, MY!

Every year my husband and I head north for our vacation and return just in time for fig season in mid-July.  Every year the birds beat me to the figs, except for a few samplings.  This year was different.  I had a head start on the birds and I took advantage of it.  It was a sin to waste all this fruit.

In two days, I must have picked 10 lbs. of figs.  I needed a plan, what to do with all this fruit?  After reading a few recipes, I settled on making strawberry fig jam and homemade fig newtons.  What’s more, I made everything sugar free.  The only sweetener was the aspartame found in the sugar free strawberry jello which couldn’t be avoided.   It was all quite an experience, but the outcome was worth it.

Here’s a few interesting things to know-

  • Figs are a good source of fiber, potassium and manganese
    Figs have only 167 calories per 8 oz (6-8 figs)

To learn more about figs, read here.

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