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When Your Emotions Get the Best of You

Yesterday, I was in a funk. I sat here alone with my broken leg and began to feel sorry for myself. There were a dozen things I came up with to tell myself why I was such a loser. No matter what I tried to do, I couldn’t shake the feeling. It was all consuming.

When my husband came home from work to take me to the bank, all I did was snap at him.

“You’re in a bad mood.”
“I’m not in a bad mood.”
“Yes, you are.”
“You’re right, I’m in a bad mood, but it’s not you.”

Our emotions have a way of spreading to others. The old cliche “misery loves company” is true. Thank goodness, my husband was not going to accept my emotion. After I admitted that I had a crabby attitude, everything seemed to get better. Sometimes you just need to come face to face with who you are. It also helps if you have a special friend that will love you through it.

If you need some cheering up, watch these two little guys and have a great day!


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