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Sugar and Osteoporosis

Sugar sugar
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When I broke my leg, I simply chalked it up to falling off my exercise Skechers until a friend of mine who is a nurse made a comment.  It shook me when she said that breaking the lower part of the leg or wrists is a sign of osteoporosis, and that I was fortunate to have done it now while there was time to reverse the effects.  REVERSE THE EFFECTS! I’ve never been in poor health, let alone break anything.

Terri is a great resource for healthy living. She had given me a nutritional package of reading material a few months ago.  I finally made time to read it.  I was shocked to learn that sugar depletes our bones of calcium and is a leading cause of osteoporosis.  I was a prime candidate.  Sugar has always been my downfall.  If not in desserts, then in bread.  I knew it was time to get off sugar no matter what form it took.

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