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I Look at Clouds From Both Sides, Now

I love clouds.  Not just any clouds.  Cumulus nimbus: billowy tufts of white, waiting.  These are a sign that there is moisture in the air.  Most likely, a thunderstorm is around the corner.

I love thunderstorms, too.  There’s nothing like listening to thunder and rain, and actually feeling the air take on a freshness.

Since we’ve come home to New York, I’ve been taking a lot of cloud pictures.  One reason is there are very few cumulus nimbus cloud formations on the Georgia coast.  The second reason is that clouds are very difficult to paint.  I’m hoping these pictures will help me to perfect my sore attempts.

Have you ever flown over clouds? It’s as if you could jump right on them like a big down comforter.  Flying through clouds can be a different story altogether.  In fact, that’s where the danger becomes evident.

Like clouds, being overweight can be just as deceiving.  Right before menopause, I seemed to billow right out within six months and then stop.   It was nothing extreme, but I did increase a size.  After that, it crept up slowly.  I suppose I just began to adjust to it because I never saw myself as fat.  I’m fairly tall with a medium build.  Even now, people have a hard time believing I weigh as much as I do.

Now that I’ve broken my leg, I’m well aware of the weight increase and even more determined to do what it takes to keep from adding any weight over these next few weeks.  In fact, it may just be that my break is a sign of things to come, and it may not be good.  It’s time to renew my mind about wellness.


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